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trauma management

A training session developed by Monique Strydom based on her experiences as a hostage survivor.

This is a practical step-by-step 3 and a half hour session on how to deal with challenges and trauma/stress, with real-life examples focusing on the following:

  • Trauma response

  • Fear exposure

  • Managing of fear and trauma

  • Basic grounding tools

  • Coping mechanisms

  • Dealing with the aftermath of trauma

  • The way forward after a traumatic event


A full day creative and thought provoking session challenging front line staff to investigate their own objectivity and factors that can cloud their judgement and responses.

WHO AM I? Discovering me, myself, I Who are you? Influences on your life? What emotions drive you? How does life experiences affect your decision making.

ART OF PERCEPTION. Discovering different points of view. Changing your perceptions changing your views (and the way you look at things). Becoming aware and responding to that awareness.

ROLE PLAY. Stress management Changing roles (putting you in the shoes of others). Understanding body language, tone of voice and cues from others.

unique workshops

Monique joined hands with two highly qualified trainers to develop a unique training course specifically for first responders, front line staff and for people working in high stress environments. This course is unique in the world due to the expertise and experience of the trainers. To date more than a thousand child protection police officers and prosecutors have attended these training modules.

Together they are offering two unique courses:



partnership workshops for front line staff

monique strydom

Get ready for an exhilarating ride. Real life lessons based on real life experiences. Her workshops are unique and different and covers a wide range of topics. She is completing her studies as a Trauma and Tension Release Exercises Practitioner. Combining this with her background in the theatre she has the ability to push her audience beyond their comfort zones in order to connect them with own traumas, stressors and have a greater understanding for their responses. She will inspire everyone to overcome and to strive to be the best person they can be.

mike sears

Former South African Tae Kwon Do champion and a qualified Combat Firearms Instructor (expert rating from the NRA in 1996). Certification in Close Protection, Loss Prevention, Close Quarter Battle and Tactical Weapons training. Former owner of 7Arrows Security (1200 employees) and worked as security advisor in Africa, Europe and the Middle East. He has obtained a National Diploma in Security Management and a BA in Psychology (With diistinction). He has been working with renowened world trauma expert, Dr Merle Friedman, in developing courses with first responders. Due to the nature of his work, Mike is a PTSD survivor and has a great understanding for work related trauma.

leonore louw

Leonore is the Managing Director of Maselouw and an experienced Learning and Development Innovations Manager with 20 years experience in the field. She is a qualified Brain Profile practitioner and assessor. She was responsible for the design, development, implementation, managing and monitoring of the "Flag Ship" learning program of the ARC with 100 Mentors and 100 Mentees participating in the programme. This program was awarded the "Best programme for the Development of the Youth in Agriculture." She is also a survivor of childhood trauma and draws on this experience to educate first responders and frontline staff.