monique strydom

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Monique offer four different presentations, each one with an unique message relating to surviving and overcoming challenges. She also has a powerful testimony on miracles, based on her best selling book, Vrygekoop.


a single grain of rice

In this one hour keynote presentation Monique shares about the first moments of the hostage taking, the terror on the dark sea, the unforgiving jungle, hunger, facing death and running for her life. She also shares about how she managed to stay positive and became known as the "lady who always laughs".

team building

lessons from captivity

During this one hour presentation Monique shares what tools she used to survive the jungle and the trauma. A practical guide on the steps she took to not only survive, but stay positive and overcome with success. This is a condensed version of her three hour workshop.

female inspirational

life is like a box of chocolates

This one hour presentation will inspire all to overcome trauma by discovering the importance of selflove, forgiveness and staying positive. Serious, but light - with much wisdom and laughter. Ideal for a female audience.



The fact that not one hostage was killed was seen as a miracle. This was not the only miracle witnessed by Monique. In this 40 minute to one hour presentation she shares about the many supernatural experiences during her captivity. About believing, about not losing hope, about calling to God many days and trusting that He will be good.